Hear What Our Patients Have To Say!

"After a major accident and several rear-end auto collisions, I was asking some friends about chiropractic help. I started with one doctor in 1986 (now retired) and transferred to Dr Josh and Dr Dave in 2016. I know that all this care they have given me has kept me from having neck or back surgery!"


 - N.L.

"Between Sports injuries and traveling in a plane a lot, my body was crying out for help! My grandmother recommended Pierce Chiropractic to me and I love it! I greatly appreciate the alternative adjustments and not just the cracking and twisting. My adjustments always help me get back in line and I stay in adjustment much longer. Thank you for helping me feel better and stay feeling better!"                                                                                       

 - S.N.

"My experience here has been wonderful! The staff are very nice and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a chiropractor. This is a great place to come."

"I suffered with knee pain for over a year. My MRI showed nothing so the orthopedic sent me to PT for 6 weeks. After going 3 times a week for 6 weeks, I still had pain everyday, all day. I came to Dr. Dowdy and she concluded my knee pain was a result of an ankle injury 18 months prior. After 1 month of treatment, I no longer had pain. She and her team have been awesome!"

"Well, I can say that when I first came to Chiro-Med Plus, I was in a lot of pain and couldn't do the things that I enjoyed doing. Now after months of their care, I fell so much better! I didn't think I would get here; but I did thanks to three wonderful people who pushed me and told me I could do it. All of the treatment that I received helped me get better!"

"Before working with this wonderful team, my back, neck and shoulder were in a constant state of pain and tension; it hurt to breathe sometimes! Now I can breathe easy, knowing I'm in good hands. Although the stress of life hasn't changed, my body's tension has. I am very grateful for having met them!"



"I was unable to sleep, work, exercise or enjoy watching a T.V. show due to severe neck stiffness and pain. The pain radiated to the middle back, shoulder and even low back. Now I enjoy all of the above!! I have gotten back full neck range of motion and have started exercising. I will continue my therapy and exercises Dr. Dowdy prescribed for continued success and would HIGHLY recommend her and her wonderful staff!!"

"After having my first child, my back and hips were totally out of whack! Dr. Dowdy and the staff at Chiro-Med Plus were very warm, friendly and supportive in helping me get my back back in shape."

"I had surgery on my right knee in May 2015. After about a month and a half, I was still having problems. They were saying that I should consider a knee replacement. I decided to seek a second opinion. I found Chiro-Med Plus. After seeing Dr. Thaoly Dowdy and her staff for about 2 weeks, I noticed a change and the pain began to decrease. They are so professional and hands on. Not only did they get me to walk again, they also corrected my balance and posture. I would recommend anyone to try Dr. Dowdy and the team before surgery. I feel better and better everyday. Thank you to the team and keep up the good work!"

"As an ICU nurse, the constant lifting and pulling up patients in their beds caused severe left shoulder pain and occasional back pain. I made an appointment to see Dr. Dowdy and didn't know what to expect, except hearing from others how wonderful everyone is. I can honestly say that my experience has been AMAZING! My pain is better and the staff is so friendly. I will continue to recommend this office, especially to my fellow nurses."

"As an OR tech I work long hours and I'm always on my feet. Dr. Dowdy and the Chiro-Med team helped me manage my lower back pain and my horrible migraines. In just a few short months, I have gotten remarkably better. I was extremely skeptical at first, but I could tell a difference with Dr. Dowdy's treatment plan. At Chiro-Med Plus I don't feel like just a patient, I feel like family. My experience has been a great one, although it has still been a painful one, a majority of my numbness and back pain is gone, along with the frequency of my migraines has decreased drastically."

"I had been struggling with severe neck pain and a constant headache. After seeing Dr. Dowdy, I am completely pain free and have been able to resume normal activity.

My son was born 2 months premature and before I brought him to see Dr. Dowdy, he could not sit up unaided and he spit up frequently. After one adjustment, he was able to sit up by himself and stopped his excessive spitting up!"

"I was referred to Pierce Chiropractic by a trusted friend/chiropractor that I had gone to for many years who had recently relocated to Colorado. I had recently been hurt by another chiropractor, so my trust level was low, but I trusted her referral.  When I started going to Dr. Dowdy and his trusted associates, I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk. Six months later and I am feeling a lot better, I have been well-educated on exercises and they always know exactly what I need every time I come in there. I have improved tremendously through thoughtful, skilled treatment. They are professional and kind. I’m so grateful that my trusted friend/chiropractor directed me to these amazing people. With chronic joint and back issues, they have helped me back to freedom."

"Chiropractic care with Dr Dowdy has helped my quality of life!  I used to get many migraine headaches and do not get them anymore"



"I am delighted with everyone at Pierce Chiropractic & Rehabilitation.  Dr. Dowdy is my chiropractor and he is phenomenal.  He is one of the best chiropractors I have had in the past 31 years.  He is precise and amazingly effective.  I have only been going to Dr. Dowdy for a little over a month and I have gotten great results in that short period of time.  I also like the exercises that are part of my treatment plan.  My husband has been going to Dr. Dowdy for about four years.  His back was in terrible shape and at the rate he was going we began to wonder if he would possibly end up in a wheelchair.  However, it was not long before he made great strides in recovery.  Recently, I was beginning to have issues with my neck.  Since I was extremely impressed with my husband’s results, I decided to join my husband in coming to Pierce Chiropractic.  At first, I was hesitant to go because it is quite a distance from our home and I already had a chiropractor that was just a few blocks from us. Now, I am so glad I decided to join my husband."
                                                                       -R.W. & E.W.

"My Symptoms were generating from my disk. Since working with Dr Josh for the past month, my lower back feels fantastic. I have no stiffness or pulling anymore. Thanks for all you do! This is the best my back has felt in a long time. I highly recommend Pierce Chiropractic to anyone with lower back pain."

"In 2019, I hurt my back playing tennis (overuse injury). I had two herniations. Daily activities were difficult due to the pain. Dr Dave and the staff at Pierce Chiropractic helped me recover from my injury. It was nine months before I was able to return to tennis. Since then, I play tennis at least three times a week. I do not believe I would have returned to tennis without the help of Dr Dave and Pierce Chiropractic."